Jahanara's North-Indian Cuisine - Cape Town, South Africa


Samoosas (3 in a portion)

A choice of beef, chicken, potato or cheese and corn                           R15.00

Vegetable Spring  Rolls (3 in a portion)                                                R20.00

Onion Bhaji                                                                                          R30.00

(Sliced onion and gram flour)


Rogan Josh                                                                                            R85.00

(Deboned leg of lamb cooked in ginger, garlic, onion and tomato)

Lamb Korma                                                                                         R85.00

(A very mild cashew nut based curry)

Lamb Vindaloo                                                                                                         R85.00

(An extremely hot curry)

Lamb Biryani                                                                                                            R90.00

(Biryani rice mixed with lamb, lentils finished with saffron)


Chicken Tikka Masala                                                                                             R75.00

(Deboned chicken breast cooked in the tandoor and masala sauce)

Butter Chicken                                                                                                        R75.00

( A  curry with a cashew,tomato and butter based sauce)

Chicken Korma                                                                                                         R75.00

(A milder cashew and onion based sauce)

Chicken Vindaloo                                                                                                      R75.00


Masala Fish Curry                                                                                                  R95.00

(Kingklip in a masala sauce finished with coconut milk and curry leaves)

Prawn Curry                                                                                                            R95.00

(Prawns cooked in a masala sauce finished with coconut milk and curry leaves)

Mussels Masala                                                                                                     R60.00


Chicken Tikka                                                                                                        R55.00

(Chicken breast pieces marinated in yoghurt and tandoori spices)

Tandoori Chicken                                                                                                   R60.00

(Half a chicken marinated in yoghurt and tandoori spices)

Tandoori Lamb Chops                                                                              R95.00

(Four lamb chops in a mild marinade)

All tandoori items are served with salad and chips


Paneer Makhani                                                                                                    R65.00

(Homemade Indian cheese in a tomato and cashew based sauce)

Palak Paneer                                                                                                         R65.00

(Homemade cheese in a spinach sauce)

Mixed Veg Curry                                                                                                    R65.00

(A traditional mixed veg curry)

Dingri Matar                                                                                                          R65.00

(Mushrooms and peas in a tomato,ginger,onion and garlic sauce)

Daal Makhani                                                                                                       R65.00

(Mixed daal in a tomato and cashew based sauce)

Daal Tadka                                                                                                           R55.00

 (Chana daal in a ginger, garlic and onion based sauce with fresh coriander)


Cheese Naan                            R15.00   

Butter Naan                             R10.00

Garlic Naan                              R15.00

 Rogani Naan                            R15.00                               

Basmati Rice                            R10.00                                                                                 

 Garden Salad                            R35.00

Cucumber Riata                         R15.00

Sambals                                      R10.00

Atchars                                       R10.00               



Vanilla Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce

Gulab Jaman – served with Ice Cream

Milkshakes – strawberry, lime, banana, vanilla

Mango Lassie                           R20.00

Masala Tea                               R15.00


Passion fruit with lemonade, kola tonic with lemonade, soft drinks

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